Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Free Quantum Mechanics Lectures from Yale University

Quantum mechanics is one of those tricky subjects, which are hard to learn from books alone. It's one of those branches of physics that are best understood when explained by an experienced lecturer. That's why I present you this mini series of lectures by professor Ramamurti Shankar from Yale university.

There 7 lectures in total, which cover most of the main topics of QM starting with double slit experiment and De Broglie wavelength and ending with various postulates of QM.

The lecturer is really good, as he explains all the concepts in an easy to understand way and always keep asking students if they're following. In addition, he always tries to give practical examples of physics concepts, which is great.

Here's the first lecture. The link to other lectures is below the video.

Links to other lectures: Link 1
                                  Link 2

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