Saturday, July 23, 2011

God vs Science

Have you ever wondered where did the universe come form? It seems that for thousands of years only religion could try to tackle this question. As every religion was based on a belief of a god or group of gods who created everything including the universe and Earth. However, these days, the situation has changed radically.

These days science is closer than ever to answering many important questions about the universe. We even have a solid theory of the big bang, which explains the beginning of the universe (though it can't explain the cause of it).   The development of science has brought us many important answers about the universe and if his keeps up, we might find even more fascinating answers to the biggest questions about the universe in the near future.

Of course there are people who believe that science cannot answer anything related to the creation and the purpose of the universe. This is natural, as religion often conflicts with science. But is there no place for god in science? Or is belief in god compatible with science? This Horizon documentary tackles these questions. Enjoy!

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