Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wonders of Physics

"Never has there been a time when an understanding of science has been more important to the well-being of individuals and to the nation than the present. Yet many recent studies have documented a lack of interest in science and hence a decline in science literacy in the United States.

To address this problem, the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 1984 began a program called The Wonders of Physics aimed at generating interest in physics among people of all ages and backgrounds. The heart of the program is a fast-paced presentation of physics demonstrations carefully chosen to be entertaining as well as educational.

The show has been presented by Professor Clint Sprott on the Madison campus over 180 times to a total audience of about 60,000. In addition a travelling show has been developed and presented by physics graduate students and staff over a thousand times to audiences of all ages throughout Wisconsin and the nation. A variety of educational tools and materials have been developed including videos, software, a demo book and a lecture kit."

Sorry for the video quality in this one. You can download the video in a variety of formats HERE.

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