Saturday, July 16, 2011

Einstein's Unfinished Symphony

When it comes to physics, the first person that comes to our heads is Albert Einstein. The famous picture of this colossal figure of science taken in 1951 shows the charismatic and humorous side of the genius. In a sense, this picture captures the whole essence of Einstein as a scientists - a brave risk taker and a rebel among the genii of physics.


Everybody these days knows about the successful theories of Einstein. However, not many people know about the most important and definitely the hardest theory that Einstein never finished - the theory of everything. This grand theory would be the greatest achievement of theoretical physics, as it would combine all the known laws of physics, explain all the forces and behaviour of particles and large objects such as planets, galaxies and the universe itself.

So let's check out this great documentary, that tells a story of Einstein's unfinished theory of everything. It contains great actors as well as interesting biographical facts. Enjoy.

Thanks for QuantumLeep365 for uploading the full documentary

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