Sunday, June 20, 2010

Internet - a Powerful Learning Tool

Internet has become a very powerful learning tool. This is an article about various ways of using the internet for learning.

Internet Encyclopedias

If you need to learn something you will need some valuable specific information and internet encyclopedias can help you. Online encyclopedias like Wikipedia, Encyclopedia, Britannica and others are great sources of information. Internet encyclopedias have many advantages compared to classical paper encyclopedias, for instance you can find information much faster. So, all in all, be sure to use online encyclopedias during the learning process.


Internet is like monumental digital library where you can find nearly everything these days. Starting with newspapers ending with philosophical books - everything's online. So in order to learn something you will surely need some books. In order to learn something, for instance particle physics, just look for some online ebooks about the basics of particle physics. The advantage of internet is that most of the times you can find free ebooks so you can save time and money.


In order to learn something well you have to learn it in many different ways. What I want to say is that you have to use all of your senses. By watching various online videos about the subject you're trying to learn, you will not only read the information, but also you will watch and hear it. By using a variety of senses you will enrich your learning process and it'll be easier to remember the learning material.

Audio Ebooks

If you want to enrich your learning experience even more you can download audio books. It's especially useful when you don't have enough time to actually read books.

Power of Forums

Another way of enriching the learning experience is joining a forum of a relevant subject. That way you'll meet new interesting people and will have a chance to discuss your learning material with them.


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