Sunday, August 8, 2010

How to Prevent Wars?

Today I asked myself an interesting question - why are there wars? As you might think I thought of hundreds of reasons why there are wars in our society. Different political systems, different religions, lack of resources... the list can go on. However, I think a more important question is how to prevent wars.

There is a saying that until there will be people in our planet, there will be wars. I actually believe this, but I think it is possible to prevent global world wars in the future. You see people have something deep in their minds and nature, which makes them fight. The fact that every person is different means that there are many various belief systems, religions and political systems, which can be a direct or an indirect cause of many conflicts and wars. Fortunately by educating our society, making it more tolerant and simply smarter, we can take the first steps in the long journey to world peace.

Let's just think about this for a moment. If we understood people of the middle east better, maybe we would think about them differently. Maybe, if we knew more about their religion, culture and political situation, we wouldn't be in war with them. Maybe if they knew more about the western world, democracy and capitalism, they wouldn't think of us as an enemies. Fortunately, by educating our society we can spread tolerance all across the world. By teaching people about different cultures and religions, we can make our world into a brighter place. After all, education is our road to a brighter world.

"But what about science?"- you might ask, after all this is a science blog. Science, like education, is also an answer to many problems of our modern society. I'm sure that if you read newspapers, you have noticed that our society has many problems with resources, global warming, air, water and overall nature pollution. Resources, or more precisely the lack of resources, can be one the major cause of the future wars. Fortunately, even at this moment, thousands of scientists are working on these problems.

Science as well as education is one of the greatest answers to many problems of our world. Only by educating our society, we can develop it and make it a more peaceful place. Only by education people all around the world can become more tolerant and find out more about foreign cultures and religions. So as Vladimir Lenin once said:"Learn, learn and once again learn!".

Thanks for reading. It would be nice to hear your opinion about this subject:)


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