Saturday, January 22, 2011

So You Want to Learn Physics?

So you want to learn physics? Good choice! But can you really learn it if you're bad at maths or too old for for college? The answer is yes.

For more than 3 years I've been studying various subjects of physics on my free time and I found many good books and free lectures. The hardest part about self-studying is finding suitable books and lectures. Most of the time you just simply find books that are too hard or too easy, thus it's important to know good authors and lecturers.

So a couple of months ago I stumbled upon a great video lecture of physics from Yale university. Basically it's a part of a project in which universities from all around the world share video lectures with people on the web. This is a general course on physics - it contains a variety of subjects, such as mechanics, special relativity, waves and other classical stuff. For most of the part, maths is fairly straightforward (as much as maths for physics can get).

So here's the link with the free lectures (there is a variety of other free lectures on this website covering astronomy, economics, chemistry and so on):

Free Yale Courses

Just for a taste - first lecture:

PS. if you find maths during the video lectures overwhelming you can always check out some great books on maths from the For Dummies series. You can find them here:

Maths for Dummies

Thanks for reading!


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