Sunday, March 13, 2011

Second Chernobyl? Japan Fukushima Disaster

So as you all know terrible nature disaster has struck Japan. After the most powerful earthquake in country's history, which was followed by a devastating cunami, another major threat might struck Japan. Fukushima nuclear power plant in north east of the country was damaged by the cunami, which caused an explosion in one of the power plant buildings.

There seems to be no major radiation leek (according to the current announcements of the Japanese government), however people have been evacuated from the cities 20 km. around the nuclear plant.

The biggest question right now is whether there is really a major radiation leek, or is it just a rumor. There have been thousands of articles online about how this disaster, in the worst case scenario, could be far more disastrous than the famous Chernobyl disaster. But do these articles hold any truth?

Well I stumbled upon a great news report video covering all the important information about the accident, as well as answering the question might it be the second Chernobyl.

Thanks for reading. And be strong our Japanese brothers.


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