Saturday, May 21, 2011

Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman

"Through the Wormhole" is one of the newest science documentaries with the famous oscar wining actor Morgan Freeman as a narator. These days, when many great science documentaries, including the goold old "Horizon" series and more recent series like "The Wonders of the Solar System" are available, it's hard to find something new and unique. So how does the new documentary narated by the charming voice of Morgan Freeman hold out?

 Well I have to admit the show starts with a bang. The first episode called "Is There a Creator?" really catches your attention by asking whether there is a god. In the world of mainstream science this question is usually left for philosophers so it's really intriguing seeing this subject analysed in terms physics and other sciences. "Through the Wormhole" also follows the example of other science documentaries by exploring the more contraversial theories and having the best science experts explaining them. The refreshing part is that all theories are treated as equal, by pointing out the advantages and drawbacks. In the first season there are 8 episodes, which cover a variety of subjects starting with cosmology ending with biology and even some geology. Among the 8 episodes there are some great episodes, which will catch the attention of science fiction fans. These episodes include black holes, search for extraterestrial intelligence and the start of life on our planet.

The drawbacks are as usual with such documentaries. First of all, you won't get many answers, but I guess this is inescapable for a documentary, which deals with cutting edge science. Furthermore, some episodes like the ones about time travel and wormholes will look very familiar for documentary fans.

I have to admit, when I first saw the trailer, the show catched my attention mostly because of Morgan Freeman (who is great as usual in the show), but the show turned to be really solid. Even though many episodes will give a sense of Deja Vu for documentary fans, there are some unique and interesting episodes, which will really catch your attention. So all in all, it's a solid show with a great narator, which is worth of your attention.

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silentbob14 said...

Thanks for the info ;] I also enjoy Through the Wormhole, especially the new episodes. Cheers.

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