Friday, July 22, 2011

Science: Lost Between Yin and Yang

If you're reading this, than you must be sitting in your favourite chair or perhaps using your laptop while lying on your favourite couch. Also, you must be having your fancy smartphone by your side and perhaps one of those cool LCD TV's. Let's be honest, all this sophisticated technology makes our lives great and comfortable. For the first time in history, we can communicate to the other side of the globe with ease, fly to other continents and even fly to the outer space. For all of this we have to be thankful to science. But does science have a darker side?


Lately I've been reading these articles about how evil science can be. It really got me thinking. And it's really true that science can be used to create terrible things. Actually, the stereotype of a mad evil scientist has been around for years. Ever since Dr. Jekyll turned into Hyde and the terrible Frankenstein monster was created, science has had a darker side in the media.

Of course science has been used for terrible things in reality too. After all, science can be used to create terrible weapons of mass destruction, which can kill thousands and even millions. Even today many scientists refuse to work on nuclear weapons, as they believe it is morally wrong.

So does science bring more evil or more good to our world? I think science is only a tool, which can be used for both and evil. I mean nuclear physics, which has brought terrible weapons of mass destruction,but it has also brought us nuclear power plants. Countless of such examples can be found, as science can truly be used for good and bad.

So what do you think about this? Does science bring more good or evil to the world?


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