Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Hawking Paradox aka Hawking vs Susskind

When it comes to modern cosmology not many physicists are more unique and popular than Stephen Hawking. Besides being a great scientists, Hawking has also become a world wide celebrity - he's often featured in science documentaries, radio shows and even science fiction. But what made Hawking so popular?

Perhaps Stephen Hawking became so popular due to his most controversial discovery of the so called black hole information paradox. Long story short, Hawking discovered that black possibly destroy the information of what fell into them. This great Horizon documentary tells the story of this great discovery. In addition it has some interesting biographical facts about Stephen Hawking plus all the cool stuff that usual comes with Horizon documentaries like cool visuals and great narration.

What is really great about this documentary is that it also features the famous theoretical physicist from Stanford - Leonard Susskind. Susskind, as many of the physicists of the time, did not believe that black holes might swallow the information, so he, for many years, tried to created a theory, which would resolve the information paradox. This gave rise to a very interesting professional competition between these two great scientists.

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