Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More Strange Facts of Physics

We already discussed time travel, which is a huge topic, so let's relax for a while and look at some random strange facts.

Everything is Moving

More than 2000 years ago ancient Greek philosophers used to argue, whether anything ever changes. Some thinkers were convinced that everything is constantly moving and changing, whereas other wise men believed that nothing moves. Now you might think that believing that nothing ever moves is strange, as you can clearly move as well as many other things around you. But a guy named Zeno actually had some interesting arguments to back up his beliefs. The so called Zeno paradoxes supposedly show that movement is only an illusion. The simplest form of Zeno's paradox goes as follows: suppose you have to walk from point A to point B. In order to do that you firstly have to walk half of the distance, however to do that you should firstly travel one forth of the distance and so on. Since there is infinity of such parts of the distance, you can never even start moving.

Today we know that Zeno's conclusions were wrong, as simple maths can help solving the paradox. By adding an infinite number of fractions you can get a finite answer.

So is everything moving then? The answer is probably yes. Even though many objects around us appear to be stationery, in reality, everything is constantly moving. If you had a powerful microscope, you could actually see that molecules of every object are constantly moving due to temperature (temperature is in fact kinetic energy of molecules) and since temperature cannot reach absolute 0 Kelvins, molecules always move. Furthermore, as you are sitting comfortably in your chair, Earth is flying in outer space at thousands of miles per hour. But that's not all, as even space itself is expanding every moment.

Sugar Cubes and Humans

I bet you already knew that atoms are basically 99.9999..% empty space. But here's another amazing fact - if you would take all the matter that makes up all humans on Earth, remove the empty space from atoms and squeeze the matter, you could compress it to a size of a sugar cube.


The Faster You Move The More Massive You Become

Another fun fact is from special relativity. As an object moves in high speeds it becomes more massive. Hey but don't worry all of you who are trying to lose weight, as long as you're not moving at almost the speed of light, you will be OK.

Earth and the Moon

Everybody knows that the Moon orbits Earth, but did you know that the opposite is also true? In fact, both Earth and the Moon orbit their common centre of mass, which happens to be inside of Earth (as our planet is far more massive than its satellite).


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