Tuesday, July 26, 2011

So What Are Aliens Watching on TV ?

Remember Voyager golden records? It's a bunch of golder record disks that were launched into outer space back in 1977. The content of the disks included a variety of pictures, sounds and music selected to represent our Earthly civilization to any alien life forms that might find them in the future.

Stephen Hawking once said that sending these golden records might be a big mistake, as aliens might not be peaceful. After all, we have many examples in history how a more sophisticated and advance culture crushes primitive civilizations. And that's a great point, but I believe that even if we hadn't send the golden records we would still be doomed.

You see, TV and radio shows are transmitted via electromagnetic waves, which can easily travel in outer space at a speed of light. This means that if aliens exist in nearby stars they might be able to catch our signals. And yes, that means that every lame and worthless show might be watched by some big headed smart aliens in some planet far far away.

When you think about it we are doomed! I mean what advanced alien civilization would spare a bunch of idiots transmitting such crap as Justin Bieber concerts or Jersey Shore.  I bet their flying our way right now to destroy us :D

Hey, but don't worry, maybe the alien guys from the far reaches of Zeta Reticuli and Mu Arae might spares us after all. Also the guys from the star HG217107 might not attack us, as from what they are seeing we will destroy ourselves anyway. 


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