Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Strangest Facts of Physics: Most of the Universe is Missing

Isaac Newton, inspired by the falling apple in his yard during the Great Plague, created his greatest work – the law of gravity. This wonderful and simple law predicted the movements of planets, stars and even galaxies.  Even though, Newton’s calculations could precisely predict movement of any stellar object, the great genius had no idea how gravity actually worked.

More than 3 centuries later perhaps the greatest physicists ever, Albert Einstein, created his famous special and general theories of relativity. Even though Newton's law of gravity was very precise, there were some cases when movement of the planets and galaxies could bot be explained by this simple law. However, Einstein's general relativity combined with Newton's laws could explained almost all the movements of the planets, stars and galaxies. The great thing about these theories is that they can be used to find out more about the universe. For example by observing the rotation of the outer stars in the galaxy, scientists could calculate the total mass of the galaxy.
This is where the whole  strangeness started. When calculating, the mass of various galaxies scientists realised that those galaxies move in such a way as if there was more mass in them than we can observe. This meant that either there was something wrong with current theories and calculations or there was some invisible matter, which interacted only gravitationally. And since Einstein's theories have been tested and proved dozens of times, scientists came to the conclusion that there is some kind of strange invisible matter called dark matter. This is our strange fact of today. 

Even more shocking is that there is almost 6 times more dark matter than ordinary matter in our universe. This means, that even now, there's invisible dark matter in your room, which cannot be seen or detected in any way, except gravitationally. 

What the universe is made of:


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