Friday, August 19, 2011

Curiosity Episode Guide

So, as you might already know, a brand new science documentary show has just came out on Discovery channel. "Curiosity" is a unique show that focuses on a variety scientific and even daily questions, such as whether there is a god, how could we fight an alien invasion or why sex is pleasurable and so much more.

There episodes during the first season which will air on a number of channels all around the world. So let's check what the first season is all about.

  1. Episode 1:  Did God Create the Universe?
Professor Hawking tackles the big question about the beginning of the universe and was it created by God. He presents some interesting views from his newest book called "The Grand Design" (which you can find  here by the way). In conclusion, it's a great episode for physics fans.

       Episode 2:  Alien Invasion: Are We Ready? 

Host Michelle Rodriguez brings together a bunch of great scientists to tackle the question of what would happen if aliens would invade our planet.

       Episode 3:  Why is Sex Fun?

Males have orgasms to release semen but what about females? Why do they have orgasms? These questions will be tackled by the guest host Maggie Gyllenhaal.

       Episode 4:  What Drowned the Titanic?

This great episode focuses on the science and drama behind the real story of Titanic.

       Episode 5:  Is There a Parallel Universe?

This great episode is hosted by Morgan Freeman (from another great documentary "Through the Wormhole"). He explores the science behind parallel universes.

       Episode 6:  How did America Get Its Shape?

As the name of the episode says, this one explores the story behind the formation of the continent.

       Episode 7:   Birth of America

This episode dives deep into the history of America.

       Episode 8:    Time Bomb Earth

I guess this one's about the end of planet Earth and how and when is it most likely to occur.

Thanks for checking this out guys. Please comment and follow. Cheers

PS. This is not an official episode guide so if you notice any mistakes feel free to tell me. 


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