Sunday, September 11, 2011

So What's Going on at LHC Lately?

So how is the great hunt for the Higg's particle going on in the biggest particle smasher in the world?

Unfortunately, Higgs chasers haven't found the great particle yet, however the collected data indicates a tighter range of possible masses of the hypothetical particle. To fit into standard model of particles Higg's boson has to be lighter than 145 billion electron volts.

Despite this, Higg's particle is still playing hard to get. There were signs of Higgs back in July, when scientists found some particles, which indicated that there might exist a lighter Higgs particle which is really hard to find at low energies.

The good news is that LHC physicist still expect they will either find the Higgs particle or rule out the existence of the famous particle in 2 years. Let's hope this is exactly what's going to happen, after all, it's about time for the good old Peter Higgs to get his Nobel Prize.



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