Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Dreams that Stuff is Made Of by Stephen Hawking

About the Author

Stephen Hawking is a theoretical physicist who worked for 30 years as a Lucasian professor of mathematics at the University of Cambridge. His research focused mostly on theoretical cosmology, especially black holes. Besides that Stephen Hawking has become widely known for his popular science books like “A Brief History of Time”, “Universe in a Nutshell” and others.

About the Book

The Dreams that Stuff is Made Of is a great guide by the best-selling author Stephen Hawking to the mysterious world of quantum mechanics. With Hawking's insightful commentary the readers are led to the roots of quantum theory. Starting with revolutionary works of Niels Bohr ending with greatest works of Richard Feynman, all the greatest moments in the history of quantum physics are covered in this huge book (1176 pages). As all books by Stephen Hawking, The Dreams that Stuff is Made Of is interesting and complicated science material written in a very readable manner. And of course the fact that all of the greatest works of quantum physics are finally brought together to one volume, makes this book worth having for every physics fan. 

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