Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Collection of TED Talks about Physics

So as you might have already noticed I'm expanding the video part of the blog. So I decided to add a collection of TED Talks about physics. For more TED Talks about science, medicine, technologies, economy and so much more check out the TED Talks youtube channel.

The Universe on a String by Brian Greene

Murray Gell Mann - Beuty and Truth in Physics

Garret Lessi - The New Beautiful Theory of Everything

Brian Cox What Really Goes On at The Large Hadron Collider

David Deutsch - What is Our Place in Cosmos

Scot Aaronson - Physics in the 21 Century

Janna Levin - The Sounds The Universe Makes

Stephen Hawking - Asking the Big Questions About the Universe

Brian Cox - Why We Need Explorers

Aaron O'Connell Visible Quantum Object

Garik Israelian - What's Inside a Star

Leonard Susskind - My Friend Richard Feynman

Patricia Burchat The Search for Dark Matter and Dark Energy

George Smooth - The Design of the Universe

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