Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quantum Man: Richard Feynman's Life in Science by Lawrence Krauss

Year 2011 was a really good year for science literature. Many amazing physics books were released. Both laymen and experts had a pretty big share of various titles. So let's check out this list of top 10 physics books by Physics World.

Physics World's 2011 Books of the Year

I won't comment on all of the books but I would really like to recommend my personal favourite - Quantum Man, which is an amazing book about perhaps the most charismatic physicist ever - Richard Feynman.

After the death of the famous physicist there were plenty of books on the biography of this exceptional personality, so how does this book stand out? The author, who is also a physicist, digs deeper into the head of Feynman, to find out exactly what kind of physicist he was. Krauss even uses some original research papers to find out more about what was going in the mind of this great physicist. This is very refreshing, as the charismatic character of Richard Feynman is well known, yet his theories and thinking process is still a mystery to most.

However, don't worry if your physics is a little bit rusty, as this book is perfectly readable for every physics fan. The author also digs up some amazing new facts from Feynman's biography so even if you already read some books on Feynman don't skip this one.

All in all, it's a great and easily readable book, which offers not only the life story of Feynman, but also digs deeper to the mind of one of the greatest physicists of the 20th century.


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