Friday, January 7, 2011

A Great Book to Learn General Relativity

When it comes to GR, it's easy to find good books, which explain you the basics and the non-mathematical side of the subject, however, it's really hard to find a book, which would explain the basics of mathematics of GR in a easy to understand way. Thus I would like to share my experience of reading a book called "Firs Course in General Relativity" by Bernard Schultz.

As the books half title says - "Clarity, readability, and rigor combine in the second edition of this widely used textbook to provide the first step into general relativity for undergraduate students with a minimal
background in mathematics." This is truely the case, because the book is written in a easy to understand way.

The book contais theory, including special relativity in algebraic form and geometric form and general relativity basics. Furthermore, it has some exercises with solved examples.

From my own experience I can say that it's one of the best books to get the basics of both SR and GR. The difficulty level is not over the top like in the most of similar books (I'm a fresher in Physics, and my knowledge in maths and physics is basically enough to read and understand this book). Also, it's a great book to refresh your knowledge of SR and GR.

Thanks for reading!

The book can be found here:


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