Thursday, January 6, 2011

Noetic Theory?

Dan Brown's book "The Lost Symbol" is famous not only for of mason related refrences, but also for a variety of scientific references. Among various references to ancient texts, which contain scientific knowledge similar to our current understanding of science, there's a very interesting theory called noetic theory. So what is noetic theory?

"Noetic theory or noetics (from Greek νοητικός "mental" from νοεῖν "to think" from νοῦς – noûs) is an alternative metaphysical philosophy concerned with the study of mind and intuition, and its relationship with the divine intellect."

In simple words, the main idea of noetic is that human mind can affect the material world. Furthermore, human soul is real and is Bose or photon based.Also noetic studies the so called extrasensory abilities (out of the body experiences, seeing the future and so on).

This theory is a very interesting one for a great variety of reasons. First of all, while the mainstream science crosses out  telekinesis and other such phenomena as fiction, due to the lack of proof, noetics try to actually investigate human mind powers. Secondly, it has a real institute of noetic science, which clearly shows, that there are scientists who take this subject very seriously and people, who invest their money to support this science.

If you would visit the website of the "Institute of Noetic Science" you would notice that they have a special article about noetic in the "Lost Symbol". It's a very interesting article, which states that noetic experiments mentioned in the novel are actually every day life for noetic scientists.

So is noetic a real science, or is it only pseudoscience, which got famous overnight, when a famous novel popularised it? The only way to find the answer to this question is by analizing the journals, which are available at the website. According to the institute, all that was mentioned in the famous novel has a variety of real research to back it up. All in all only one thing is clear, now, when the noetic science is out of the dark, maybe more people and scientists will become interested in it.


1) IONS - Institute of Noetic Sciences

2) The Science Behind "Lost Symbol"

3) IONS Library

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