Monday, August 1, 2011

Top 10 Greatest Physics Experiments: 10. Galileo's Experiments with Inclined Planes

Physics relies not only on inventive theories, which have formed our understanding of the universe, but also on important experiments, which test our theoretical predictions. So let’s look back to the history of science at the most famous and influential experiments of all time. This is a list of 10 greatest physics experiments in no particular order.

10. Galileo's experiments with rolling balls down inclined planes

This simple experiment contains a board 12 cubits long and half a cubit wide (about 20 feet by 10 inches) and a cut out groove, as straight and smooth as possible, down the center. The experiment procedure is also very simple – a ball is released from the inclined plane, timing the time with a water clock — a large vessel that emptied through a thin tube into a glass. After each run the measurement of time would be compared with the distance travelled.

More about Galileo's Experiments:

Now you might thing that such a childish experiment, wouldn’t give you much insight on the dynamics of moving bodies, but, actually, Galileo Galilei used this experiment to test his understanding of moving bodies. His observations later gave inspiration to the other great science figure – Isaac Newton and his 3 famous laws.

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