Saturday, November 19, 2011

So What's Going on With Neutrinos These Days?

Remember those crazy neutrinos in Gran Sasso labs? Well the shocking results just got a little more convincing when new results were published  as the guys from the OPERA collaboration released new updated results.

So the results were updated as scientists in the Gran Sasso laboratories repeated their tests in a slightly different way. This time they fired very short and small pulses of neutrinos, which basically made their job at detecting the speed of the particles much easier. What they observed was that neutrinos still travelled faster than the speed of light in vacuum by about 0.00000006 seconds. So the shocking results survived the first test successfully. But don't start burning the books of relativity quite yet, as such profound results must be tested by at least one independent experiment to confirm. Also, even if neutrinos indeed travel faster than light, it's not the end of the world as there are some interesting theories, which suggest why neutrinos might travel faster than light (including time travel and other dimensions). Also check out this video. Cheers


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